Ciné Club : Adama| 20th December 2016 – 10am


December 20, 2016    
10:00 am


AntiSocial, 9A & 12, New Delhi
Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

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adama wp

Initial release: 2015

Director: Simon Rouby
Running time: 1h 22min

French with English subtitles | Free Entry. Open to all

 12 year-­old Adama lives in a remote village in West Africa, sheltered by the Cliffs. Out, beyond, lies “the land of breaths”, the kingdom of wicked spirits hungry for war. When Samba, his elder brother, suddenly vanishes from the village, Adama decides to set off in search of him. Accompanied first by Abdou, a tragically lucid griot, then by Maximin, a street urchin who is his own negative twin, he crosses a Europe in the grip of war. We’re in 1914. Borne by the energy of desperation and the poetry of childhood, Adama travels to the hell of the frontline in order to free his brother. Ultimately, Adama’s love for his brother will open an unexpected way to his initiatory journey.

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