Who are we?

who are we?Who are we? Alliance française de Delhi is an Indo-French Cultural Centre specializing in French language teaching, organizing and curating cultural events.


At Alliance Française de Delhi, our mission is to promote the French language and Francophone cultures through high-quality language instruction and vibrant cultural events. We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive community where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to experience and appreciate the richness of French heritage. Our commitment to educational excellence, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding inspires us to provide a welcoming environment that supports linguistic and cultural diversity. Together, we bridge cultures, celebrate differences, and create meaningful connections through the power of language and shared experiences.


Our vision at Alliance Française de Delhi is to be the leading hub for French language and cultural immersion, recognized for our exceptional educational programs and vibrant cultural activities. We aspire to inspire a lifelong passion for the French language and Francophone cultures, fostering global citizens who appreciate and contribute to cultural diversity. By expanding our reach and deepening our impact, we aim to create a world where language and culture connect people across borders, enriching lives and building a more inclusive and understanding global community.


At Alliance Française de Delhi, our values are at the heart of everything we do:

  1. Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in language instruction and cultural programming, ensuring our offerings are of the utmost quality and relevance.

  2. Inclusivity: We celebrate and embrace diversity, creating an open and welcoming environment where everyone can explore and appreciate French language and culture.

  3. Cultural Exchange: We are committed to fostering mutual understanding and respect through dynamic cultural exchanges that bridge differences and build connections.

  4. Community: We believe in the power of community and work to cultivate a supportive and engaging atmosphere where learners and cultural enthusiasts can thrive together.

  5. Integrity: We conduct all our activities with honesty, transparency, and respect, maintaining the trust and confidence of our students, partners, and the wider community.

  6. Lifelong Learning: We promote continuous personal and professional growth, encouraging curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning among our students and staff.

By upholding these values, we aim to make a lasting positive impact on individuals and communities through the joy and richness of the French language and culture.


Alliance Française de Delhi is registered under India’s Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. It is an Indian not-for-profit organization, both legally and financially independent from its mother institution, the Fondation Alliance française. in Paris. AFD is funded through its students’ admission fees, the revenues its Translation cell generates the receipts from its gallery’s an auditorium’s booking and its members’ subscriptions. Like a small number of Alliance française Centres throughout the world, AFD is given further support by the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, which puts several French public servants at its disposal, namely a director, an academic director and a library director. Alliance française de Delhi is also actively supported by the French Embassy in India.


The Alliance Française de Delhi (AFD) was registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860 on 30th June 1956. Earlier known as the Cercle Français, it began its new existence in a bungalow on Hailey Road and then moved, via Ratendon Road and Jorbagh, to South Extension (1967-2004). It shifted to its present building, designed by Stephane Paumier, Rajesh Dongre, and Anupam Bansal, at 72 Lodi Estate in 2004. Its Founder-President, Dr. B.V.Keskar, was a Union Minister under Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and the then Ambassador of France was Comte Ostrorog (1951-60). Dr. France Bhattacharya was the first French Director (1960-62), and the first Indian teachers included Monisha Kapoor, S. Somasundaram, and Padma Natrajan.

Dr. Keskar was succeeded as president by Ambassador C.S.Jha (1957), Mrs. Tara Ali Baig (1958-59), Dewan Jarmani Das (1959-64), Mr. N. Bhattacharjee (1964-67), Mr. S Bhoothalingam (1967-83), and Mr. V.C. Vijaya Raghavan (1983-90). More recently, it has benefited from the services rendered by Prof G.P.Talwar (1990-96 and 2004-06), Mr. Niranjan Kirpalani (1996-2000), Ambassador G.J.Malik (2000-02), Mr. R.P. Khosla (2002-04), Mr. M. Varadarajan (2006-10) and Mr. Francis Wacziarg (2010-12). The Alliance Française has a rich history and tradition, celebrated at its golden jubilee (2006-07), inspiring it to rise to greater heights.

The management of the AFD is entrusted to an elected Governing Body of 12 members, headed by a president. Two experts assist it on deputation from the Embassy of France, a Director and an Academic Director, who are also ex-officio members of the Governing Body. It also includes the immediate past president, co-opted members, and a representative elected by the teachers. Since September 2011, the office of the Délégué général of Alliances Française in India and Nepal, which represents the Fondation Alliance Française (Paris), is also located on the AFD premises.

The Alliance Française de Delhi, with its team of 53 dedicated teachers and 36 administrative staff members, is at your service!


Thanks to a generous donation of land by the Indian Government, which was ratified in 1998 by K. R. Narayanan, President of the Republic of India, Alliance française de Delhi moved to the prestigious Lodi Estate institutional area in 2004. It is now surrounded by the Indian Headquarters of UNICEF, UNDP, WWF as well as the Chinmaya Mission, the India Islamic Cultural Centre, the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), and the renowned India International Centre The audacious architecture of its building, all made of glass, concrete and aluminium, is due to a duo of young architects, Stéphane Paumier and Anupam Bansal.

The building was awarded the silver medal of the French Academy of Architecture in 2005 and had the distinctive feature of integrating two immense trees and therefore harmoniously fitting into its immediate environment, few dozen meters away from the famous botanical Lodi Gardens.

The building roof is equipped with solar panels ensuring continuous power supply to the computer equipment in a power cut. With 2,850 sqm, AFD has its own auditorium named after its patron M.L. Bhartia with a 112 seat capacity, its Art Gallery, Galerie Romain Rolland, its media library, and its cafeteria.

Fondation Alliance Française

Ever since its creation in 1884, the Alliance Française de Paris has helped the Alliances Françaises expand their network the world over. In July 2007, its status was modified, and it became the Fondation Alliance Française. This foundation is officially recognized as a non-profit organization representing the moral and legal referent of the Alliances Françaises throughout the world. The Foundation has the exclusive ownership of the “Alliance Française” label and grants the right to use it. Whenever a new Alliance is created, it has to refer to the Fondation to be officially recognized after examining its statuses. Before this label’s attribution, the Fondation ensures that the associations, which abide by local law, respect a set of guiding principles defined by itself and common to all the Alliances. These principles include strict political and religious neutrality concerning local disputes.

The Fondation supports good governance in the Alliances. It has experts organized according to geographical zones, capable of reacting and advising an Alliance Française when it encounters a difficulty. The Fondation is supported jointly by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education, which contribute to its budget and workforce management. Twelve permanent collaborators work at the Fondation. Its Board of Directors comprises renowned personalities like Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, permanent secretary at the Académie française, writer Eric Orsena, journalist Bernard Pivot. Its sponsors, CIC- Banque Transatlantique, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, le Cordon Bleu, Total, constitute an active school. Its principal donors, Pierre Moussa, founder of Paribas, also have a seat there.

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