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If you dream about studying abroad and getting international exposure along with a reputable degree, France is the place for you.

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Welcome to Campus France, your gateway to higher education in France! As the official French government agency for promoting international student mobility, Campus France is dedicated to helping students from around the world pursue their academic dreams in France. We provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, from selecting the right program and institution to navigating the application procedures and settling into student life in France. Our resources include detailed information on French universities, scholarships, visa requirements, and cultural integration. Join thousands of students who have chosen France for its world-class education, vibrant culture, and innovative research opportunities. Let Campus France be your partner in this exciting educational journey. Bienvenue!

Advantage of Studying in France (Campus France)

Quality of Higher Education: Chasing your dreams involves efforts and determination, and being ambitious is the key to making your dreams come true. France offers a high quality of higher education and globally recognized degrees. The French education system is very flexible and provides various courses taught in English and French. The system has been designed, keeping in mind the interests and concerns of multicultural students.

Studying abroad usually comes with a big dent in your savings, but the French education system offers high-quality education at reasonable prices. To support your education and help you accomplish your goals, the government and other institutions provide a wide range of aids and grants.
When it comes to accommodation, there are several reasonable housing facilities and providers to choose from; some of those also provide the option of choosing a roommate.

Language: Another concern that you, as an international student, might have would be the language barrier. Not knowing French is not an issue as courses are taught in both French and English. Nevertheless, knowing the French language serves as an advantage for the students as it is widely spoken and understood worldwide.

As per the surveys conducted by the team of Campus France, students who went to France with absolutely no knowledge of French could talk fluently in French by the time they completed their studies. It has been adopted as the official or administrative language in many countries, with over 200 million people speaking French worldwide.

The world is shrinking, and globalization is helping us connect with the most remote areas. In fact, French is one of the most used languages on the internet and the third most used language on the collaborative knowledge website, Wikipedia.

There are endless advantages of learning French; it will only help you gain new heights in your life and career.

International Exposure: France is the third most popular destination for studies. Paris was awarded the title of ‘Best student city in the world’ by QS, the education company, in 2013. Moreover, French companies are one of India’s biggest investors, are continuously looking for, and tend to hire French-speaking employees, making that another reason why choosing France is a smart choice.

Knowing French also serves as an asset if you aim to be a part of international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, International Olympic Committee, etc. Also, if you want to explore the world and go on adventures, knowing French will be an advantage for you as you can travel to more than 30 countries across the globe and speak the native language. This way, you can make global connections and the most out of your travels.

Creativity and Innovation: France is extremely rich in culture. If you are a bibliophile and love to read, you must know that France has more Nobel prizes in literature than any other country in the world. French is the second most translated language for books and offers the option of building a viable career as a translator. French literature is multicultural and diverse, which helps build a new perspective of the world and other cultures.

France has a great global reputation in Science and Technology, a determining factor of a country’s status at the international level. France has 13 Nobel prizes for Physics, 13 for Medicine, and 8 for Chemistry. France also has 11 field medals in Mathematics. In terms of technological innovation, France ranks first in the European Union and third in the world for its expertise.

France, the third biggest film market globally, is also the perfect destination for a lover of art, dance, music, and theatre. If you choose to study filmmaking or courses related to cinema, you could get a chance to go to the ‘Cannes Film Festival’ and the International Rendez-Vous for directions.

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