AFD Scholarship

Rules applying to the Merit cum Means Scholarship Scheme for Summer 2024 Session.

The Merit cum Means Scholarship (MCM) is intended to cover Indian nationals other than those already covered under existing schemes, which have studied for at least one term at the AFD and have demonstrated their academic capabilities but are unable to meet the costs of tuition.

  1. General Eligibility:Students who are Indian nationals and who have completed one term of any course of study and whose income (or of their parents/guardians in case of dependents) is less than the threshold of net income exempt from income tax by the Government of India.
  2. Academic eligibility:Students should have obtained a minimum of 70% in an AFD in the last term examination and attendance of 70% before applying for MCM Scholarships.
  3. Applications must reach latest by 1st May, Wednesday before 5 PM, along with the prescribed scholarship form (available on the AFD website ) with academic merit and financial need justificatory documents (like income certificate/BPL card/ IT return, court affidavit is not accepted) to the Executive Assistant to Director, Alliance Française de Delhi at [email protected].
  4. Results: Results will be declared on  Tuesday, 7th May by 5 PM
  5. Classes:The said scholarship will apply to weekday classes only.
  6. Number of Scholarships:The number of scholarships awarded under the MCM Scheme shall in no case exceed five per term.
  7. Fee Waivers:Fee waivers can be in the range of 75% to 100 % on the tuition fee and admission fee, depending on the merits of the case. The fee of the shortlisted student will be reimbursed in case it is paid during the admissions.
  8. Books:The student will bear the cost of books.
  9. Library:Basic membership will be included.