French Kaleidoscope: Berthe Morisot, a woman artist of the Impressionism movement

As part of the LibraryFest2021, join us for the upcoming session of the French Kaleidoscope on 26 October at 4 PM.

French Kaleidoscope is a series of webinars to enrich general knowledge and to discover French arts and culture, by expert guests who are passionate about their subjects. Each session will focus on a specific topic, from gastronomy to photography, including theater and French music.

IF Jaipur is conducting the event with the guest Lea Marie .

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“After studying Art History and Museum studies in Sorbonne University and Ecole du Louvre, Lea worked in Rajasthan’s Shekhawati palaces. Her interests in heritage preservation and traditional crafts brought her to work along with heritage restorers and architects in this region. During these last 2 years, she has worked with the international relations department in the Ecole du Louvre.”

Lea will be on the discussion “Berthe Morisot, a woman artist of the Impressionnism movement” for the event.

In the early 1860’s, a group of young artists take a step back from academic rules and introduce modern ideas and new techniques in their paintings. During their first exhibition in Paris in 1874, the name Impressionism was given to the movement.
While exploring this artistic movement, we will focus on the work of a female artist Berthe Morisot. Major figure of parisian modernity and one of the most innovative artist of the circle, she introduces new aesthetic experimentations in her paintings.

Yet, despite her importance, she is less known than other Impressionnists artists, as Monet or Degas for example, all men. How can art history have such a skewed vision of the art scene and how can such major figures have been forgotten during so many years ? Given these observations, we will explore some recent important exhibitions in France dedicated to women artists.”

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