Les Fleurs Oubliées – A Quebecois Film

Les Fleurs Oubliées - A Quebecois Film


March 14, 2020    
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Galerie Romain Rolland
Alliance Française de Delhi, 72, KK Birla Ln, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate,, New Delhi, Delhi, 110003, Delhi

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Alliance Française de Delhi & Québec Government Office in Mumbai present

Les Fleurs Oubliées

Initial Release: October, 2019 | Director: André Forcier | Running Time: 1h 42min
Genre: Drama/Comedy | French Film with English Subtitles | Free Entry Open to All

Synopsis: Brother Marie-Victorin (Yves Jacques), author of the Laurentian Flora and founder of Montreal’s Botanical Garden, is bored with heaven and decides to return earth to help Albert Payette (Roy Dupuis) save Quebec’s flora from Transgenia, a multinational that is poisoning the Earth with chemicals. Albert, a former agronomist turned beekeeper, greens the rooftops of Montreal with his nephew Jerry Can (Émile Schneider) and his friends from the punk community. Albert introduces Marie-Victorin to his HoneyMead which he sells to suburban bourgeois ladies to finance his dream of retiring to idyllic Mingan. Lili de la Rosbil (Juliette Gosselin), an idealist young journalist for the Ras-le-Bol blog and Mathilde Gavreau (Christine Beaulieu), a big-time lawyer, will go to great lengths to save the Mexican agricultural labourers forced to work with Transgenia’s poisonous chemicals. This Eco-Fable will see its conclusion meted out on the lush and virgin shores of Mingan where Albert will produce his most Nordic and special Honey Mead yet.