Teaching Approach

Our Teaching Approach has been meticulously refined to ensure world class results for our students.

Our teachers are qualified to teach French as a Foreign Language and trained in the latest teaching methodologies, enabling them to deliver a suitable learning experience with children and adults by engaging them through interactive activities.

Our methodology is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which allows our students to gradually learn French with specific communication objectives that cover five core skills: Speaking, Interacting, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Alliance Française chooses the communicative and experiential approach. It is a pedagogical approach focused on the language needs of the learner, based on the reality of the situations he/she encounters in his/her daily life or at work, through the objectives of the tasks to be carried out.

For example, we provide the learner with the linguistic, methodological and socio-cultural means to introduce themselves, talk about their routines and activities, their family, buy and order, carry out a presentation, etc. (progression and skills are determined level wise).

Grammar cannot be taught without context. On the contrary, it is a “learning by doing” approach which has proved for decades its effectiveness in modern dynamic teaching approach.

This approach advocates oral interaction as the basis of language activity and encourages students to express themselves in the target language in all courses. The written word consolidates what has been learnt and ensures that it lasts. Thus, what is learnt in the class can be directly and immediately reinvested in professional and personal life.